Introducing “Palm Harbor Person of the month” and how to become one:

Setting an example:

I’ll name myself as the 1st Palm Harbor Person of the Month just to give a taste of what the recognition will highlight. Going forward, this honor will be chosen from local community members who have been nominated

November Person of the Month: Benjamin Alexander

Palm Harbor Resident since 2015

“Benito” is the founder of Palm Harbor People – a facebook group, facebook fanpage, and a webpage. These pages have no agenda other than to share and promote the charming coastal community that is Palm Harbor. The first post was just over a week ago: Palm Harbor People #phPeeps Launched. Surprisingly to him, there was about 1000 subscribers within a week. Just after the launch, he was struck with the worst pain of his life and sent to the emergency room. This did not stop him, but only made his love and Faith stronger. He loves to post live facebook videos that plants seeds of positive messages. “I am very transparent with my friends and follower; I am literally and open book. I even shared a live video during my divorce hearing hahaha. Soon people will be able to read a free copy of my life/book Young Man and The Sea- La Vida De Benito. I love all people and believe we all deserve respect and dignity. I invite anyone to be my friend on facebook regardless of your religion or political ideologies.” Two of his favorite things to do in Palm Harbor (not to mention riding his bike all over the coastline and the Pinellas Trail) is hang out with the fellas at Holy Smokes Cigar Café and dance in the Thursday night drum circle.

 Benito Speaking with the Palm Harbor Commerce Community

This morning at the monthly coffee hour hosted by the Palm Harbor Chamber in the P.H.Library, he was invited to share a few words. Further down in the post, is the video.

The drum circle that goes on downstairs of Palm Harbor People HQ on Thursday Nights

A Few Live Videos Benjamin Shared on Facebook

3 months ago… miserable in a J-O-B

2 months ago – day before I fired my CEO and moved on to work for myself

1 Month ago – sharing how I relate to people who are suffering and going thru recovery.

Dancing at the Thursday night drum circle


This was sample post for “Palm Harbor Person of the Month”

They will get a photo of themselves, a photo of something they love to share, an optional video, a short little write up, and a quote. I will not do this without a person’s permission and this is based on nominations. If the person does not want to be featured on the internet, they can nominate someone else.

Benito’s Final Thoughts:

Leadership 101: Collaborating with multiple groups How to think like an executive

Why is now (4th quarter of 2016 and 1st quarter of 2017) the perfect time to engage Palm Harbor’s commerce community as a young professional? Benito shares his experience entering the chamber and how it is benefiting his business growth. 5:30 video

I make my own memes and self publish, so I ensure the message is delivered authentically.

Author: Benjamin TJ Alexander

I have been there, done that, and have the scars to tell about it. I believe in a positive, free, and full outlook on life. With truth there is freedom to live. It's good to be King 👑!

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